Esthec Terrace is a visionary and sophisticated terrace system which embellishes and enhances a multitude of outdoor zones with it’s unrivalled functional properties and haptics.

Esthec offers the owner and architect technical and aesthetic advantages and supports the trend to limit inadequate use of scarce natural resources.

Offering compliance for Slip, Fire and Load requirements, commercial durability and an exceptionally long maintenance free life cycle, Esthec is an excellent solution for commercial building projects.

Esthec’s roots go back to when their factory began developing composites with a vision of replacing the use of timber, steel and tar 40 years ago. These days their composite materials are used on hundreds of cruise ships and superyachts as well as a variety of hospitality , residential and commercial applications.

Collaberating with forceful, prize winning architects and designers worldwide, Esthec builds on these same groundbraking, tested and proven properties adding a natural look and feel. No limits is their motto.

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