We call Esthec barefoot sophistication, since it includes all the charming properties of wood, yet without the inevitable maintenance, cracking, splintering, warping or weathering.

Esthec provides excellent slip resistance, even when wet, is virtually indestructible (high heels proof) and requires minimal maintenance.

There is no “expiry date” for Esthec products. It will still look good as new after many years of use.

Compliant & Commercial Grade:

  • P4 / R11 / C & D1 Slip Ratings – Certified & easily exceeds Australian Standards for all commercial projects & all 4 different slip ratings
  • Fire Rated ASISO 9239 (Decking applications) – certified & easily complies / exceeds Australian Standards for all commercial projects.
  • Fire Rated AS/NZS 1530.3 (Cladding applications) – certified & complies for most commercial projects.
  • 25 year residential / 15 year commercial warranty (twisting, warping, fading, termites, splintering, rot / decay)
  • No timber & No PVC – The top layer is made with 25% recycled content – 85% natural materials – 25 different components including natural fibres, polymers & resins
  • Very stable, strong & completely waterproof  ‘glass fibre’ structural base – minimal expansion / contraction, will not twist or warp, only requires a light timber sub frame and can also be “floated” over concrete”
  • Zero Clearance Height – means the clips can be glued directly onto a concrete screed or waterproof membrane, making it well suited to balcony’s over habitable rooms.
  • Adjustable Aluminum Sub-frame – full deck structure can be achieved within a  standard 100mm set down!
  • Commercial grade with extremely high durability, stain & scratch resistance (can also be lightly sanded)
  • U.V stable – will not Fade, so if a plank gets damaged and needs to be replaced it will be the same color (click system allows one individual plank to be removed)
  • Low Surface Temperature – similar to timber (will not heat up like PVC based products)
  • 600kg point load / 5.5kpa load rating @ 500mm centres (complies for all commercial projects)
  • Higher up front cost, but life cycle cost is lower than timber (no ongoing maintenance or replacement costs)
  • Premium aesthetic with 9 different colours (each colour has 3 different shades for a depth of variation)
  • 50-year track record – this material has stood the test of time in the marine industry, in some of the world’s harshest environments!!
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